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Store cupboard skill set: Easy peasy baking campaign to help non-bakers learn during lockdown

Fri Apr 3 17:21 2020

With the nation staying in the safety of their homes, the current lockdown is the perfect time for non-bakers to learn a new skill, build their confidence in the kitchen or simply enjoy a fresh challenge. Self-isolation and remaining inside means man...

Legal guidelines around children in care during the coronavirus pandemic

Thu Apr 2 14:12 2020

Emma Roberts, Associate Solicitor at Stephensons Solicitors LLP, specialises in family law. Here she offers advice around the new legal guidelines around children in care during the coronavirus pandemic. In light of the current health ...

MyTutor gives advice on home tutoring

Thu Apr 2 13:53 2020

As hundreds of families are now isolated in their homes, this time is certain to be difficult for parents, as they will have to juggle their own workload, ensure their children's education is not compromised, while also keeping their hous...

Easter 2020 Gift Guide

Mon Mar 30 16:18 2020

The whole Country may well be in lockdown now, however there are still many products you can find in your local supermarkets and online retailers such as amazon to treat the kids this Easter. HARIBO EASTER TREATS Kids and Growns ...

Top tips to help parents workout

Sun Mar 29 13:33 2020

As a parent, finding time to maintain a regular fitness routine when you have children to look after can be a challenge – whether it be taking care of a newborn, caring for a toddler, or providing endless lifts for school children. Research...

Great Resources For Educating & Entertaining The Kids During School Closures

Sat Mar 21 17:40 2020

We have tried to compile a list of resources to keep Children busy over the coming weeks... months ??? Your child's school will no doubt recommend tools, set your children work packs and provided resources so they can keep up with the National Cur...