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Nuby Baby Toys

Starting with the smallest members of the family, NUBY have a fantastic range of baby toys available at great prices too. Nuby are a great well established and trusted brand within the mother & baby market and we've taken a look at a small selection of gifts for newborns and upwards this festive season.... Nuby Bathtime Book RRP £Nuby Baby Toys
For the very smallest members of the family, NUBY have a fantastic range of baby toys avalable at great prices too. Nuby are a great well established and trusted brand within the mother & baby market and we've taken a look at a small selection of gifts for newborns and upwards this festive season....

Take a look at the range Baby Products & Accessories at Nuby UK | Online Baby Shop (

Nuby Bathtime Book RRP £4.25

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Nuby IcyBite Keys RRP £5.75

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Cuddle Comforter RRP £6.50

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Natural Wood Silicoln Teether RRP £7.50

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Silly Spinwheel RRP £10.75

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LOVEVERY - Stage-based play kits

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Loveevery's goal is to help every parent feel confident. With play products designed by child development experts with the simplest, purest purpose: to be exactly what children need at each stage.

Take Out the Guesswork

Spend less time researching and more time connecting with your child. Our experts link brain science and Montessori to the way you play.

Right Toys, Right Time

Support your child’s learning during important developmental windows with play essentials that are tailored to their exact stage.

Child-Safe & Sustainable

Our toys are built to last and made with sustainably harvested wood, organic cotton, nontoxic paint, and baby-safe plastics.

Parenting Made Easier

We include toys for curious babies and tools for busy parents. Access expert tips, research, and activities that fit into your family's life with The Play Guides.

No Commitments

You can skip or cancel your subscription at any time, and we offer several payment options.

RRP £80 per subscription box (every 2 months, cancel anytime)

The Senser Play Kit | 5- to 6-Month-Old Baby Toys | Lovevery


We are so impressed with the amazing quality of these kits, we took a look at the 5-6 month Sensor Kit which contained:

Play Guide Months 5-6

Ideas for how to play during months 5‑6, backed by all the research you don’t have time to read

Tummy Time Wobbler

Make tummy time more fun while building core muscle strength for crawling and walking

Play Socks

You found your feet! Build leg strength and body control with these playful socks

Parts of Me' Board Book

Help your baby expand their vocabulary by learning the names of different parts of the body

Organic Cotton Rainbow Ball

Purposefully designed to be easy to grasp and move, to help build dexterity and coordination

Magic Tissues

Linkable tissues for the tissue box—also fun for peekaboo and mouthing

Magic Tissue Box

Babies love to pull tissues out and put them back in as they explore containment

Spinning Rainbow

Perfect for practicing fine motor skills and reaching with both hands at once

These play boxes are fantastic and the toys inside are mainly made from wood and high quality materials meaning they are more environmentally friendly and certainly high quality.  Each toy has been really well thought out and researching to suit the childs ages.  It's lovely to see toys we wouldn't necessarily think about buying... such as the tissue box, however the kids absoutely love it.  We really like the addition of the play guide for parents providing the thought process behind each toy included and suggested ideas for play.  These boxes make such lovely gift ideas, however at £80 per box they are not cheap and therefore we would say these are a more elaborate gift idea not for everyones budget.

Hape Explorer Balance Bike 

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This little bike will see your child zooming off to their next adventure on this free cycling bike! Featuring a lightweight aluminum frame, adjustable height handlebars and seat, inbuilt footrests and carry handle, and maintenance free tires this balance bike is guaranteed to boost confidence. Available in four colours - blue, red, green and pink.  Suitable from 3 years. 
  The Hape balance bikes help develop a child’s balance, coordination and sense of direction.  They’re also great for muscle co-ordination and development, and a brilliant way to get little ones active and help with their confidence, building independence – and of course kickstart their bike riding adventures! 

These little bikes are so incredibly cute and amazingly well built, this will easily last your little one until they ready for a big bike and then easily go on to be resold or handed down time and time again.  We have come across many balance bikes over the years but few with as much attention to detail and quality as these.  We love the funky little design and such a great bright range of colours too and as a bonus there is so little assembly needed on these they are great for CHristmas and your little one will be zooming around in no time.  The in buily=t carry handle is such a great inclusion, we have all been there trying to carry a little bike whilst keeping hold of a toddler too so this makes it super easy to carry and also help steady your child while they start to learn too.
RRP £89.99

Hape Gearhead Stunt Garage

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Attention all racers! This awesome 3-level garage is the perfect place to store your supercars and practice your stunts. With a car lift to get your cars to different levels, this garage also features a service centre with power charging points and a car wash.

AIDS DEVELOPMENT: This toy helps develop fine-motor skills and hand-eye coordination whilst encouraging imaginative play.

VARIOUS ACCESSORIES: This garage playset comes with three levels, two cars, a car lift, a rotating board, two solar-powered charge points, a service station, a twirling spiral ramp and even a massive loop the loop.

INTERCHANGEBALE FEATURES: The 360-degree anti-gravity loop can be turned into a separate stunt jump lane.

HIGHEST QUALITY: Hape toys are constructed to the highest standards and are finished with child-safe, water-based paints.


We love these kind of kids toys, a change from the mountains of plastic, great quality, superb wooden craftsmanship that looks and feels like great care and attention has gone into making it.  This garage has so much to keep the kids busy with the inclusion of those super important and very modern electric charging points and so many features to keep car mad kids busy.  A fantasic buy that can be found on a popular marketplace at a super great price too.

RRP £69.99

Leapfrog clean sweep mop & bucket

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Mop, hop, spin and sweep with the Clean Sweep Mop & Bucket! Let kids clean up "messes" while they’re still excited to use a broom — your future self will thank you! Your today self (and your child) will love how the cute lil’ face on the bucket lights up and sings as kids pretend to clean. The interactive caddy brings learning into clean-up time with imagination. Uh, oh! Muddy paw prints on the floor. Grab the green mop to clean it! The soap pump makes funny squirting sounds as you pump out the imaginary soap. One, two, three. Now press the pedal to see the mop spinnity-spin! Show kids that cleaning actually can be all fun and games with boogie-down dance breaks. Follow fun directions like, "Hop while you mop! Now dance to the left and dance to the right!"
Interactive Bucket
Make chore time fun with a cute and friendly interactive bucket.
Foot Pedal Spins
The foot pedal spins the bucket with swishy water sounds.
Count With the Soap Pump
Count along from one to ten as you press the pretend soap pump.
Five Cleaning Tools
Use the mop, broom, dustpan, spray bottle and cleaning cloth to clean imaginary messes.
Words for Colours and Directions
Follow fun directions and hear words for colours and directions like up, down, left and right.
Three Engaging Play Modes
Learn, Game and Pretend modes triple the fun of play and learning.
Leapfrog have been at the forefront of young childrens electronic toys for more years that I can remember and you are always sure of great quality, good fun and an educational element thrown in, this set os no different.  If your little one loves to help you clean and tidy this is an absolute most for their Christmas gift list. Such a super cute set suitable for boys and girls.  If only grown up housework was so much fun!!!
RRP £32.99


Peppa pig Magicolour

Little ones can create their very own colourful Peppa Pig animations with Magicolour!

Choose one of the 30 fun pictures and colour in. Place your picture into the unit, then slide the button from left to right and watch your picture come to life!

Create and re-create your own Peppa Pig designs with the 10 wipe-clean colouring sheets!Place your picture into the Magicolour unit and slide to watch it come to life

No batteries required

Contents: Magicolour unit, 20 standard colouring sheets, 10 wipe-clean colouring sheets, 4 wipe-clean pens & instructions.


This is a great gift for the younger ones, not only is Peppa Pig an absolute legend but this puts a new spin on the old traditional etch a sketch style toy. Hours of fun colouring in and then watching the images animate across the screen, we love how you can create your own images too on the wipe clean boards and its really simplistic making it super easy for little hands and minds to operate independently.

RRP £29.99

Peppa Pig Magicolour - John Adams



Mechanics is the construction platform that combines the forces of magnetism with a world of mechanical construction, to stimulate creativity, inventiveness and ingenuity. In addition to the classic magnetic rods and steel spheres, Geomag Mechanics adds mechanical elements within the constructions, expanding the play possibilities: some parts of the structures are able to rotate, triggering chain reactions from the magnetic attraction and repulsion. In 2018 the innovative Mechanics Gravity platform was launched, consisting of a series of incredible solutions that harness the forces of gravity and magnetism and set the Mechanics models in motion.

Playing with Geomag means knowing and mastering the invisible forces of nature. With the help of Geomag magnets, you will learn to use gravity to turn your own magical motor, running the spheres up and down the track, all built by you. Collect the Mechanics Gravity line and the laws of physics will have no more secrets for you!


Geomag have been around for years and Shropshire Mums have reviewed many sets over the years, always great quality and with a massive 185 pieces it's certainly sure to keep the kids busy for hours building and experimenting. Perfect for those with an inquistive mind who love hands on playtime and good educational value too, teaching children about construction, magnets, motor skills and more. The lovely thing with this set is that once constructed it become s a game the family can play together too. Well made, built to last the test of time and then be passed on. A must for construction loving kids.

Geomags are so much fun and the challenge strike provides hours of creative construction challenges. It's always great to see developing skills and educational value put together with great fun products. We are sure this will be a huge hit this year!

RRP £60



This beautifully designed diary has a large 2.4 colour screen. Unlock the diary using the amazing face recognition technology! Have fun with the light effect cover that synchronises with music. Add a number password for extra security! Take care of your very own virtual pet and play great learning activities that cover spelling, typing, maths, logic and more! Record voice memos and apply funny effects to them!

2.4 colour screen allows you to add in cool effects and filters to your pictures.This beautifully designed diary has a large 2.4 colour screen. Unlock the diary using the amazing face recognition technology! Have fun with the light effect cover that synchronises with music. Add a number password for extra security! Take care of your very own virtual pet and play great learning activities that cover spelling, typing, maths, logic and more! Record voice memos and apply funny effects to them!

Encourages self-expression, creativity, journaling, photography, music and more.

Pop-open cover uses facial recognition to keep your memories safe.

Express yourself! Create a photo journal, write diary entries or even record messages.


We would have loved one of these when we were little, a really lovely way for children to record their thoughts and feelings and of course make notes about all the amazing memories. A lovely way to encourage children to record notes about their day as a part of a daily routine. VTech always provide great quality toys with a learning element combined with great fun and durability and this is no exception. With so many activities and features this will keep little ones entertained and is sure to be a big hit this festive season.

RRP £59.99



This Skills Ball is all you need to help improve your football skills. These training footballs feature six key training and exercise drills that improve key football skills. You’ll learn ball control and how to move with the ball!

Your First Football

The Smart Ball Skills is easy to use! Simply press the sensor in the ball for three seconds until you hear ‘Let’s begin Training!’ and away you go on your first drill. If you want to skip to your favourite training drill, this is easy! Just press the sensor for five seconds and you will skip to the next exercise. It also includes a counter sensor so it can count your kick ups.

Ideal for Football Training

The Smart Ball Skills football includes six training drill.

1. Dribbling – Use the cones to create a dribbling course and then dribble the ball through the cones and back again. But with 30 seconds on the clock, how many times can you dribble around the cones?

2. Kick Ups – You have a set time to do 10 kick ups as quickly as you can! Don’t worry about keeping count, as this football will keep count, every time you kick the ball.

3. Inside Feet – Pass the ball from one foot to the other 30 times. Sounds easy? You only have 15 seconds!

4. Toe Taps – Tap the top of the ball with alternative feet 60 times in 15 seconds. This football training exercise helps improve your feet speed.

5. Sprint – Set up your Skill cones in a perimeter. Complete the circuit in 10 seconds – from when the sensor says Go! As you get quicker, increase the size of the perimeter to make the challenge that much harder.

6. Passing – Key to any good footballer is passing! This drill helps you improve your passing accuracy by setting up two cones one side of your training area. Pass the training football through these two cones and back again for 30 seconds.

  • 1x Smart Ball Skills Training Football, 4x Cones, 1x Smart sensor, 1x Bung, 1x Tool
  • Dimensions: 21L x 21W x 24H cm
  • Batteries required: 2 LR44 batteries (Included)
  • The Ultimate Football Trainer
  • 6 training/skill drills all in one football
  • Training drills include: Dribbling, Kick Ups, Inside Feet, Toe Taps, Sprint & Passing

What a great way to help kids really focus on their skills and enjoy a bit of football practice without necessarily needing a training partner to do it with. A great range of skills to practice and such great value for a fantastic piece of kit that will be sure to keep your little soccer fan busy.

RRP £29.99

Smart Ball Skills Ball – Golden Bear Toys



Load up this crazy chicken and watch as he drops his poos on the oversized Bingo board. Mark your cards and the first to get a row shouts - "Chicken Poo Bingo!".

1 Chicken, 1 Bingo Game Board, 12 Poo Nuggets, 1 Funnel, 4 Bingo Cards, 100 Poo Tokens and instructions

Load up this crazy chicken!

Watch as he drops his poos on the oversized Bingo board

Mark your cards and the first to get a row shouts - “Chicken Poo Bingo"
For 2-4 players, ages 4 and up


This is such great fun. Bingo seems to be making a huge come back at the moment with all kinds of crazy versions popping up everywhere for kids and adults. Who dosn't love a good old fashioned game of bingo and Chicken Poo Bingo gives a really childish twist the kids love. A really simplistic great light hearted fun game for all the family and a really good price too. Available from Amazon, Smyths, Argos and most other well known board games stockists

RRP £15.99

Chicken Poo Bingo On Amazon



Peel his plasters but beware, he really is a scaredy bear!
Scaredy Bear has had a tumble and is covered in plasters. Now it’s time to peel them off, but pull too hard and you’ll make him scream! The first player to remove 3 plasters wins!

Fun family action game
Scaredy Bear includes funny sounds
Can you remove the plasters without making him scream?


We love these kind of games especially at Christmas. Super easy to set up, no skill required so young and old are all on the same level playing field..... it's anyones game. Little ones love the ouchy sounds and the excitment of peeling off each plaster carefully waiting for the Scream. Great quality as always from John Adams and we are sure this will be played again and again.

RRP £24.99

Don't be a Scaredy Bear - John Adams

60 Seconds

60 Seconds

Say, draw, mime…it’s a race against time!

Press the button on the clock. It will show the word or picture you have to describe, draw or mime to the other players in your team. ...But don't get too relaxed! If they guess correctly, press the button again to show the next card and its description method. If you're too slow get ready for that alarm! It's a frantic race against time to see how many you can get before the alarm rings!

This quick-thinking game is designed for 2+ players aged 8 and over, making it perfect for parties and family game nights.

Depth: 65 MM
Height: 184 MM
Width: 38 MM
Age Range: 8+
Warning: Not suitable for children under 3 years

Say, draw, mime…it's a race against time!
Fast moving team game full of tension and jeopardy
With light-up clock timer that shows what card to play next
It's a frantic race to see how many you can get before the alarm rings!
For 2 or more players


You really can't beat a good family board game at the table after Christmas dinner and this is definately a great choice for the older kids & adults. fast paced great fun and you really can drum up some good fun results with plenty of laughs. A great, easy to play entertaining game that will no doubt be pulled out plenty of times throughout the year.

RRP £37.99

60 Seconds - John Adams

Race to Escape – The Escape Room Board Game

Race to Escape – The Escape Room Board Game

Does your team have what it takes to escape the mystery house?

Escape room expert Professor Edgar Pritchard has created an experience like no other, an escape house.

You and your companions find yourselves locked in a house of mystery and intrigue. Can you work as a team to crack codes and solve puzzles? Each of the three rooms has hundreds of hidden clues to help you unlock all of the doors and escape in the best time possible.

Find, solve and unlock… race to escape! The re-playable escape room. Does your team have what it takes to escape the mystery house?

Re-playable 3D escape room board game!Collaborative game – all work together to escape the mystery house!Solve the clue cards and find the password

Includes 6 types of puzzles to solves
No batteries required!

Contents: 3D gameboard and gameboard clips, 6 x character playing pieces and character stands, dice, 79 x clue cards and clue card cover, clue card holder, magnifying glass, mirror, newspaper, chance cards, clue coins, scorepad and instruction manual.


Another great gaming idea from John Adams. Escape rooms have become super popular over the past few years with venues springing up in towns and cities all across the UK, this board game lets you bring a bit of the action to the home where the whole family can join in. We pariculaly like the Collaborative game setting where the whole family work together. A really great idea for the older children too.

RRP £29.99

Mario Kart Racing Deluxe

uploaded picture

Exciting action circuit racing game designed and inspired by the world of Mario Kart!

6 Gimmicks and Lap Counter!

Quickly but carefully drive your playing kart-figure using the 3 buttons, slider and tilt lever going through the 6 tricky gimmicks to reach the goal!

Which one will make five laps first? Go for the FASTEST!!

2 Mario Kart kart-figures are included.

The 6 gimmicks on the action circuit are uniquely designed to resemble the play.

Race through the Action Circuit!

Brush up your skills to race the time with friends and families.

Lots of gimmicks and movements without battery operated.

For 2 players.


Great fun for any little Mario fan out there and a great bit of nostalgia for the parents to play along too.  Really well made and the kids loved the simplistic but quick fire racing competition.  A great bit of novelty fun.

RRP £35

Available from most large toy retailers and online from Amazon, Smyths and more

Aqua Gelz Starter Pack

Aqua Gelz Starter Pack

The amazing liquid that transforms like magic

Aqua Gelz are magical liquid that transforms into colourful, fun, squishy creations. Mix the special powder with water. Squeeze the Aqua Gelz into the supplied moulds, then place them into the solution tank and watch as it sets in seconds.

A starter pack to make 9 themed Aqua Gelz creations, Aqua Gelz are magical liquid that transforms into colourful, fun, squishy creations sets in seconds

Contents: 3x30ml coloured gelz, 2 different characters, 2 packets of solution mix and reusable solution tank


We do love crafting here at Shropshire Mums... If your child loves squishies they will love these Aqua Gelz sets. Super easy to use and great fun too, a fantastic stocking fliler gift

RRP £9.99

Mama Suprise From Live Pets

Mama Suprise From Live Pets

New from Little Live Pets, it's Mama Surprise! Mama Surprise takes loving your pet to a whole new level. This soft, interactive Mama guinea pig comes with a deluxe, interactive hutch.

Interactive Little Live Pets Toy

Care for Mama by feeding her and brushing her long, gorgeous hair with the accessories included. With plenty of love and attention, Mama’s heart will start to glow, implying that a baby is on the way! Lightly place her inside her interactive Mama Surprise hut – and now, itt’s time to wait.

Care for the Baby Guinea Pigs

Find a new-born guinea pig baby and a special care package in the Mama Surprise set. Care for Mama again and you will find new Little Live Pets guinea pig babies to complete your cute, guinea pig family! There are 3 adorable babies to discover, each with their own care package that includes: a birth certificate, 2 accessories, and 2 hair elastics. Dress and style up the babies into 3 cute looks: Rock ‘n’ Roll, Preppy and Princess babies!

Play Again and Again
This wonderful experience is repeatable, with the Mama Surprise set. This means you can go through the surprise and delight of caring for Mama and discovering her babies, again and again. Watch the 'How To' video on our YouTube channel:


Its easy to see just why these are one of the top selling toys this year. Mama guinea pig and her babies are super cute. Mama guinea pig makes the cutest noises when you give her a fuss and when you leave her in peace inher hutch she will even snore. Your child will love making her happy and the absolute delight when a little baby guinea pig drops from the roof is the best. With 3 baby piggies to be born this will keep the kids busy taking great care of mama and her babies.

This is definatley one of our top choices for this festive season.

RRP £64.99

Available from most major toy stores and online retailers

Little Live Pets - Bright Light Chameleon: Nova

Little Live Pets - Bright Light Chameleon: Nova

New from the wonderful world of Little Live Pets, it's Nova the Bright Light Chameleon! Nova is a fun interactive, light-up chameleon with over 30+ sounds and emotions. Nova is full of personality with so many colourful moods. This soft and squishy chameleon glows purple when sleepy, glows blue and whimpers when sad, lights up in yellow and giggles when happy, and more! When Nova is feeling super happy, this vivid lizard will sing and glow with beautiful, rainbow lights!

Nova loves it when you pat their head, feed them, and talk to them! Stick and display Nova everywhere with their suction-cup feet, then play your favorite music tunes and watch as Nova lights up to the beat of the song!

Nova the Bright Light Chameleon is packed full of super cool features, play, and personality! Batteries are included so that Nova arrives ready to play for all children ages 5 and above.


Another fantastic virtual pet from Little Live Pets, this beautiful little chameleon is small enough to be carried around with your child on their travels. Little Live Pets have certainly come a long way from the little chirpy birds and this gorgeous little chamelion will certainly light up kids faces this Christmas

RRP £15.99

Available from most major toy stores and online retailers



The adorable Curlimal friends are dreaming of a special child to care for them! These fantastic toy pets move, talk and respond to touch. Higgle, Blue, and Bibi delight and enchant children from the second they meet – each sold separately!

Interactive Plush Toy

Each Curlimal is a lovable animal that makes the sweetest sounds and reacts to you. Pat their heads and these cute, talking buddies giggle, curl up and make funny noises… but that’s not all! Higgle Hedgehog has his own unique noises; just stroke his fluffy head to hear him hum contentedly!

Higgle Hedgehog – Your Favourite Curlimal!

Touch the top of Higgle’s head to activate sound effects and movements! His range of super-cute spoken phrases include "I love you", "Oh boy!" and "Tickles please!" Higgle also makes kiss-kiss noises. Pet Higgle to get even more reactions. Stroke the top of the hedgehog’s fabric nose to activate a sniff and a sneeze! Tickle his tummy and Higgle giggles with delight. He also says, "See ya!" and curls into a ball before making gentle sleeping noises.

Care for your Curlimals

The range of noises Curlimals make encourages young children to really look after their cheeky forest friends. Anyone would love patting and petting these gorgeous, animated and speaking soft-furred toys. Safe playing for youngsters, these make a perfect gift for children ages 3 to 5 years old.

Plush Sensory Toys

Curlimals stimulate your children’s imagination, and help your child learn and grow. These plush toys help develop intelligence through pattern recognition and imagination play. Choose from Higgle Hedgehog, Blue Badger, and Bibi Bunny – all great quality, safe and reliable


The latest entry to the super popular virtual / cuddly pet craze. These are really cute and cuddly and small enough to be carried around. It's easy to see why Curlimals have been such a huge hit since their launch earlier this year and we had so much fun with these cute little cuddly animals. we are sure these will be making it onto plenty of letters to Santa this year.

RRP £19.99

FunLockets Secret Diary Journal Glitter Edition

FunLockets Secret Diary Journal Glitter Edition

Discover the secrets in this chic and novel keepsake case! What better way to store your secret writing, drawings and doodles than the FunLockets Secret Journal?

Surprises Inside!

There’s more to the contents than meets the eye with this lockable journal. Discover hidden keys to figure out the mysteries inside of your FunLockets Secret Journal! With Mouse, Kitten, Koala, Puppy and Chubby all available – which one will you get?

Lockable Journal for Kids

First, find the golden key to unlock your FunLockets Secret Journal. Discover more keys in hidden compartments along the way. Design your look and create your book with the glittery pencil, stickers and stencils to style it up your way!

Journals for Little Writers

The FunLockets Secret Journal comes with so many additions, while you create stories on the notepad. Attach the crystal charm keyring to your journal, rucksack or bag. Use the journal as a diary to encourage creativity and mindfulness.


A fantastic stocking filler gift that ticks the boxes for the super popular secret surprises theme. Super cute and great fun, great value too. Electronic diaries are great but personally it's always good to see kids going back to good old fashioned pen and paper to practicse handwriting and get creative with some coloured pencils (not included) and stickers.

RRP £21.99

Windy Bums

Windy Bums

Cheeky fun for everyone with this funny farting plush unicorn toy. Bump to start – and hear it fart! This Windy Bums unicorn is strangely addictive: it makes rude sounds and moves around. It wiggles, jiggles and giggles across the floor. When it stops, bump again to hear the farting sounds again and again! Toddlers and adults alike will love this hilarious, trumping toy unicorn! Made in soft and colourful fabrics.


Well, we confess even as grown ups this made us giggle. A really cheeky little twist to the cuddly toy. Kids will love this but once the novelty wears off it may drive you bonkers.... however the kids will still love it and its another really great stocking filler gift suitable for any age 3 and upwards.

RRP £15.99

Disney Princesses The Ultimate Collection Personalised Book from In The Story

Disney Princesses The Ultimate Collection Personalised Book from In The Storys

Your child’s Name appears on the cover and on each page
Write a special Message on the title page and add a Photo
100 pages house a collection of stories (twice as many as our regular books)
Available in a standard A4 or delightfully deluxe A3 size
Add a luxury gift box for a thoughtful finishing touch, and to keep your book protected as time passes

Having a hard time deciding which Disney Princess is your favourite? With our Personalised Disney Princesses Book, there’s no need to choose, as all of Disney’s princesses are brought together in one stunning ultimate collection. Relive the magical tales that made every Disney princess a household name, from Snow White and Cinderella, to Pocahontas and Mulan; all the way to Tiana and Rapunzel.

Make this beautiful gift extra special by adding your loved one’s name to the cover, as well as a message at the beginning. This Disney Princesses book is available in a delightfully deluxe A3 or A4 size. Add a premium gift box with foil embossing to keep it protected.

Present the book in a protective gift box to make it truly magical and choose from 2 options:

  • * A4 Standard Book: Can be presented inside a cream gift box with foil embossing.
  • * A3 Deluxe Book: Spruce up your gift; can be presented inside a black gift box with foil embossing.

The Twelve Official Disney Princess Stories

Aurora (aka “Sleeping Beauty”),Ariel (aka “The Little Mermaid”),Belle (aka “Beauty and the Beast”),Cinderella, Jasmine (aka “Aladdin”)

Merida (from “Brave”), Moana, Mulan, Pocahontas, Rapunzel (from “Tangled”), Snow White, Tiana (aka “The Princess and The Frog”)


These books are just absolutley beautiful, in amongst all the lovely toys and games its always nice to find something like this that really is that something special to last over the years. This is the kind of thing you will really want your child to look after and keep for years to come. Beautifully presented and even gift boxed should you choose to add that option. Really great quality too with beautiful illustrations and that extra special touch of the personalisation throughout the book that your child will love searching for. One of our favorites here at Shropshire Mums.

Theres a huge range of books to choose from too so you are sure to find something to suit. We received the pink Disney Princess Story Book and it really is perfect for any little princess.

RRP £29.99

Uh Oh Milo The Excited Elf Book

Uh Oh Milo The Excited Elf Book

It’s almost CHRISTMAS! Let’s get EXCITED.

The Excited Elf has a very important job. He has to make sure children everywhere are fast asleep, so a very special visitor can drop down the chimney on Christmas Eve.

There’s only one problem – it’s FAR too EXCITING!

Can Granny get this special Christmas Mischief Maker to calm down and help Milo and Mary fall asleep before it's too late?

The Excited Elf picture book is a fun story designed to encourage children to fall fast asleep on Christmas Eve.

Give The Excited Elf in the weeks before Christmas Day to help manage that Christmas Eve excitement.

In each book in the Uh Oh Milo! series readers encounter a Mischief Maker who helps them learn about playing nicely, table manners, anishing tantrums and other good behaviours.

Uh Oh Milo! books are all 22cm x 22cm letterbox-sized softback picture books - perfect for posting. Ideal for under 7s.


We do love a new Christmas storybook and this is such a cute little story with some good life lessons thrown in too (we won't give the story away). Personally our copy will be arriving with the elves on December 1st as a treat for the kids.

RRP £7.99

Igglepiggle Blankey Bundle

Igglepiggle Blankey Bundle

This adorable Igglepiggle Super Soft Blankie Bundle is sure to become your little one’s favourite companion! This 2 in 1 plush toy is based on the lead character from the much loved and trusted CBeebies show, In the Night Garden. Igglepiggle comes cocooned within his iconic red blankie; simply unravel to reveal the wonderfully soft and cuddly Igglepiggle toy and a detachable, oversized blankie made from our softest ever fabric.

It’s guaranteed to provide lots of comfort and reassurance throughout the day and during that all-important bedtime routine. Whether you are looking for a Birthday gift, Christmas gift or other event, the In the Night Garden Igglepiggle Blankie Bundle is perfect from birth onwards.


Igglepiggle and his blankey really are the absolute stars of baby & toddler TV characters, little ones will absolutley adore this set, both Igglepiggle plush and his detachable blankey really are so super soft and snuggly and really well priced for a great stocking filler gift thats also suitable from birth so perfect for even the very youngest.

RRP £24.99

VTECH Kidizoom Studio

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This high-definition video camera kit comes with a green screen, tripod/ handle, flip-up lens and 20 animated backgrounds so that you can create fantastic selfie video's!

Be the star of your own video universe with the KidiZoom Studio by VTech®! Complete with green screen to create special effects, this high-definition video camera kit comes with everything you need to create the show of your dreams. Set up the included tripod to film your very own unboxing videos or use the flip-up lens and handle to capture the perfect on- the -move selfie video. Pretend to host a show, give tours, create disappearing illusions and trick shots, or shoot how-to videos. Use the 20 included animated backgrounds to set the stage for all your video adventures. Let your creativity loose!


Perfect for those kids dreaming of becoming the next you tube sensation, pop star or their very own show.  This kit has pretty much all you need and it's really easy for kids to use too, younger ones may need a little help initially but soon pick up the functions and will be greeting their own masterpieces in no time. The included green screen is a great addition but again smaller children may need help finding a suitable place to hang it.  However this little device is far better than you would imagine, all of the editing takes place on the device so no need for additional software, pc or phone editing. It's great for shooting little trick shot videos too.  All in all a great piece of kit your 5-12 year old will probably love to find under the tree this Christmas.

RRP £69.99


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This paperback book tells the tale of Ari and her sisters disappearance

Beware the Twig Man, the Twig Man's hex. Beware the Twig Man, or you'll be NEXT!

It's been a year since nearly-twelve-year-old Ari's older sister, Lana, ran away. Except Ari knows what really happened. She was taken by the Twig Man, the creepy monster that's haunted the woods for one hundred years. No one else will listen, so it's down to Ari to save his sister. But he had better hurry, as Ari finds himself next on The Twig Man's list...


A great little mystery read for the older kids, we won't give the game away but its a really great little read for those little adventerous minds.

RRP £7.99

TWIG MAN BOOK from Amazon

Noggin - Mind Melting Card Game from TV & Radio Personality Matt Edmondson

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USE YOUR NOGGIN – Fastest thinker first, create answers when an action card lands, using the two letters on display, FAST! The player who shouts out a correct answer first wins that action card.

EASY TO LEARN, QUICK TO PLAY: This fun card game can be learned in minutes and played with 3 players or more.

FAST-PACED GAMES: 10 minute games for the fast thinkers out there, accessible for 10 years olds all the way through to teenagers and adults.

FAMILY PARTY GAME – But don’t stop there, Noggin card game can be played after dinner, taken out as a bar game, or brought out as a fun party game.

BROUGHT TO YOU BY MATT EDMONDSON – TV and Radio Personality turned board game inventor, Matt Edmondson founded Format Games in 2021 to bring some of the best adult board games out there.


A great little quick thinking party game for the older kids & adults. This is a great stocking filler game that can be played pretty much anywhere and with a big group of people or just a few. Great for a few laughs and some competitive fun around the dinner table or indeed wet play days at school for the kids and their friends.

RRP £14.99

NOGGIN From Amazon

Personalised Faber-Castell Pencil Set from CEWE

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Unlock a world full of colour!

Give the gift of 12 of the highest quality, FSC-certified Color Grip colour pencils from Faber-Castell. Design your own metal pencil case with a treasured photo of your choice on the front. You'll give them a loving reminder that you're always there to support and inspire them - whether in the classroom, on the playground or with their homework at their desk. It's the perfect little gift for the budding artist in your life.


These are such a lovely gift for anyone who loves to colour and draw.  You really can't beat adding that personal touch to a gift that shows you have gone just that little bit further to make it special.  The tin case itself is fantastic quality and your choice of photo is also printed in a high quality resolution and looks fantastic.  The quality dosn't stop there and the actual colouring pencils are from a well know quality brand ensuring the highest quality there too.  The software online design tool is super easy to use even for the techno phobes out there and you are guided through the process.  Delivery turn around time is also super quick considering these are a personalised product. 

RRP £14.99

Personalised Photo Cushion & Fleece Blanket from VISTAPRINT

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Perfect for snuggling

Looking for a gift idea that feels like a hug? Personalised cushions are a great way to create a one-of-a-kind accent piece for someone special. Whether you feature treasured photos or celebrate their favourite colour, you can create a piece they’ll always love to keep close.

Designed your way

Made of soft (yet durable) 100% polyester, personalised photo cushions make comfy accessories for beds, loveseats and more. Plus, you have plenty of design options: Print on a single side, match the front to the back or upload something completely different onto each side.

Seamless photo uploads

To start creating your personalised cushions, upload the high-resolution image of your choice. Look over your design and add any final touches you might like — then we’ll take care of the rest. Your photo cushion will be printed on high-quality fabric and will arrive ready to wow.


These are such a beautiful idea and great keepsakes to give as gifts for any age.  We were super impressed with the quality, we expected the print to be at least a little grainy, however the image as you can see is incredibly crisp and clear and the material itself is super soft and silky.

A really fantastic quality gift at a really affordably price too.

Cushion RRP from £15.99

Personalised Cushions, Personalised Photo Cushions| Vistaprint UK

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Get cosy with your own unique personalised blanket. Whether you’re looking for a fun yet practical gift or just want to add something new to your home design, personalised fleece blankets are a memorable keepsake. Why not create a personalised name blanket for a new baby? Or even a personalised dog blanket to spruce up your pet corner? Just add your favourite photo or a favourite design to bring a smile whenever you wrap up.

Ready to create your photo blanket? Choose from our assortment of options to design the right personalised blanket for your needs. Then add all your custom touches — images, text and more. After that, we’ll take care of the rest, professionally printing and sending your order. Your custom creation will arrive looking crisp, cosy and ready to snuggle.


These blankets come in two sizes starting at 127cm x 152cm so really are a fantastic size, again we expected a slightly grainy image but were really impressed to see the quality of these.  They look fantastic and are super snuggly and soft to cosy up with.  Personally ours will be gifted to use as a bed throw but they are also amazing for sofa snuggle blankets.  Although we went for a custom emote design, as with the cushions you can have anything you like printed on the blanket and the software on the Vista Print website is super easy to use making these perfectly accessible and easy to order even for the techno phobes out there

Blanket RRP from £36.22

Personalised Blankets, Custom Photo Blankets UK | Vistaprint

EDX Educational Games

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Over the past 20 years, Edx Education has grown into a major supplier to the international education market, exporting to more than 90 countries. With an ongoing program of developing innovative products and marketing under the Edx Education brand. EDX work with leading educators who advise on trends in education and the development of innovative new products. Our education and product development philosophy is Learning Through Play.

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