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Added by: Shropshire Mums on Mon Jan 25 16:52 2021

Minerva’s Virtual Academy is one of the UK’s first ‘online only’ private schools.  The school has been created to combine the benefits of a private education with 21stcentury digital home learning.  With many parents opting for professional online schools in a bid to avoid further disruption to education, fit for purpose remote learning is becoming hugely popular across the country.

Minerva’s Virtual Academy is the brainchild of teaching professional and CEO, Hugh Viney, who also owns popular private tutoring and home schooling business, Minerva Tutors.  Right now, Minerva Tutors is offering FREE lessons and home schooling videos for children aged 7 to 13 years.  This includes science lessons, such as how to build and launch your own rocket using items found around the home, which have been very popular.  You can also learn how to make your own body armour at home and also how to build an excellent bug house!  There are also a number of other home schooling videos and live lessons available with fun activities such as, how to be a spy, how to write creatively and fun science lessons including how to build an erupting volcano, building a model solar system and many more.  All lessons are delivered by a range of qualified teachers at Minerva’s Virtual Academy online school.

 Visit the link below to access the lessons and resources:


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