Knowsley Safari launches Home School Safari during Lockdown

  • Knowsley Safari launches free online Home School Safari hub to engage and educate
  • Real veterinary videos showing a lion’s paw and a tiger’s tooth being examined
  • Free access to all resources, including downloadable worksheets
  • New animal keeper content to be regularly uploaded during lockdown

Well-seasoned at hosting school visits and community groups, Knowsley Safari in Merseyside is continuing to satisfy children’s curiosity during lockdown, with its ‘Home School Safari’ – a new online learning hub packed with education, wildlife and conservation resources.

Children, parents and teachers can access free learning aids, including engaging educational videos, downloadable worksheets and fun animal facts and talks, covering topics including classification, Africa, food and feeding, veterinary animal care and exploring different species.

Kuzma has a tooth extraction

Visitors to the Home School Safari can see the Knowsley Safari vet conduct an x-ray on a male African Lion to diagnose an injured paw; get up close to watch Kuzma the Amur Tiger having a root canal and learn how giraffes are fed through the seasons.

Do all birds fly? How does Elsa the Royal Python keep warm? And what is metamorphosis? These are just some of the questions answered in the video series, alongside Q&A sheets and a growing photo gallery, which the animal keepers are updating regularly.

“It’s business as usual for our keepers as they look after the animals at the Safari and we’re happy that they can share their daily activities by providing engaging resources which we can all learn from and be inspired and entertained by, while the majority of us are having to stay at home.”

“We hope parents and teachers enjoy the resources as much as the children. We’ll be updating the Home School Safari on a regular basis during lockdown, so there’ll always be something new to discover.”

Head of Marketing, Knowsley Safari Rachel Scott

Visit the Home School Safari at

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