Schools across Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin open their doors to SOME additional children as of tomorrow.

Most schools in Shropshire and Telford & Wrekin will reopen tomorrow. Both councils gave schools the option to re-open and it seems in the main most have taken the steps required, in order to allow children of Reception, Class 1, Class 6 and of course those children in other classes of keyworkers or classed as vulnerable to return to the "new classroom setting".

Ministers have urged the Government to scrap plans for ALL children to return to school four weeks before the summer break begins in July.

Ministers claim the five key tests required to be met in order to allow the easing of lockdown have indeed been met allowing those children in recpetion, class one and class 6 to return to school tomorrow (June 1st).

Education unions have been urging the government to hold back on the opening to more pupils on June 1st, however the government continued with the plan, although it has been made clear no fines will be issued to those parents who decide to keep their children at home.

Emma Knights, chief executive of National Governance Association has also expressed concerns over the plan for all puplils to return prior to the summer holidays. The chief Executive has written to Gavin Williamson the Education Secretary urging him to "review and drop the expectation".

“Unless something dramatic changes very soon in terms of the Government’s scientific and medical advice, it will simply not be possible for primary schools to invite all pupils back for a whole month of education before the summer holidays.

“It is adding to uncertainty for parents, but also extra pressure on school leaders and governing boards who think that they need to try and do this when actually it wouldn’t be safe.”

BBC broadcaster

After almost 10 weeks of remaining closed to all pupils except the vulnerable and those of keyworkers, tomorrow morning will see just 3 class groups return to a very different setting with just 15 pupils per classroom, desks spaced wider apart, extra handwashing and precautionary measures in place.

“welcoming more children back. Covid-19 has made it even more difficult for some children to get the most from their education and we cannot let the virus wreck the hopes and dreams of a generation.”

The Sun newspaper Gavin Williamson

What are your thoughts on the matter?

Are your children staying home or returning to school?

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