Valspar Paint - Outdoor Garden Paint Project

About the product:

The Project:

Repaint our children’s wooden play house in colours for a boy or girl. Our little boys play house was originally painted two years ago in cuprinol wood paint. The paint in the last two years has become faded and peeled in places and with the arrival of our little girl we decided that it was time for an overhaul and change. Currently all blue, we wanted to not only refresh but make it a shared play house for them both to enjoy. We decided to paint the play house blue and pink, giving the house a fresh look and somewhere suitable but not exclusive to both in colour. We prepared the playhouse with a light sand and cleaned it of dirty, placed it on a polyurethane sheet to protect the decking and set off to fetch our paint.

Picking The Colours:

We went to our local Valspar Supplier B&Q who advertised on their site that their outdoor wood paint was any colour, we looked through the wide range on colour charts on the wall with a few hundred colours and they have the option of scanning colours to our requirements, however the Valspar paint expert at the paint desk said we could not have our chosen colours and that we would have to select from a limited folder of colours especially for the exterior wood paint. This was disappointing as B&Q advertise that you can select any colour. We found new colours from our now limited choice that were acceptable and proceeded.

Collecting The Paint

The paint comes straight of the shelf in a base white, the colour is added, pot sealed and then mixed by machine while you wait. The whole process from selecting a colour to having the paint ready took no time at all. The paint pot lid is pressed on with a pull press which forms a tight seal on the pot, this gives you the feel that transporting the paint is safer than your average paint pot fitted lid. A bonus to having the paint mixed fresh as you wait is that if you are ready to paint there is no mixing to do as its mixed to perfection straight out the machine. The price seemed inline with similar products and would mean that this would be on my list of always considered products as being a family man my choice is driven by price and quality.

Using The Product

Opening the pot was a little bit more difficult than your average paint pot as I said above the lid is well fitted, care should be taken to open carefully as the tightness could lead to paint being flicked. Having said though I do prefer the lid to be well fitting for transport and storage. The wood paint is quiet thick and vibrant in colour and application, has excellent coverage and dries very quickly. In the good weather we had I was able to apply a second coat as I finished the first and each coat dried to hand touch in under 40mins. The shed was undercoated with the previous blue which meant I could have got away with one coat of blue, the real surprise came when painting the pink colour over the old blue when it covered and looked great in one coat. Even the navy blue windows covered well and the darker blue did take a second coat, however because of the intricate detail on the window the paint was applied much more sparingly.

Cleaning Up

The product cleans simply with water, however because of the good coverage and fast drying time of this paint I found that you needed to clean items quickly after finishing or they would dry.

Approximate Price


Review Date

Sat Sep 1 16:00 2018

Our Verdict


I love this product as it did the job it was supposed to do with excuse the pun “Flying Colours”. I was though left a bit confused over the colour selection as on B&Q’s website they clearly state any colour. The product applied well, covered well, dried fast and the overall finish was bright and gave me the feel the wood on the play house was well protected. Time will tell on the endurance of the paint, but that may come in a future update to this review. If it wasn’t for feeling slightly confused as to colour choice this product would have got the full 10 point treatment, leaving me feeling confused meant it dropped to an excellent 9 points highly recommended.