Joe and Seph's Popcorn Advent Calendar

About the product:

Back for 2019 and now with the CORNiest popcorn jokes ever! Kick-start the Christmas countdown with the world’s first Popcorn Advent Calendar! Illustrated as a snow-covered, Joe & Seph’s Victorian shop-front, the calendar opens like a giant Christmas storybook. Behind each of the 24 doors are snack sized packets of our artisan popcorn in 12 unique flavours,from Salted Caramel to Speculoos Chocolate Orange and Banoffee Pie.

Contains 24 x 7g packs of award-winning, handmade, gourmet popcorn.

Flavours include:

Salted Caramel, Caramel & Belgian Chocolate, Caramel & White Chocolate, Toffee Apple & Cinnamon, Banoffee Pie, Raspberry Cheesecake, Speculoos, Strawberries & Cream, White Chocolate and Strawberry, Double Chocolate, Classic Caramel, Orange Chocolate

No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives
Suitable for vegetarians
Gluten Free


Please be aware that all of our products contain MILK and some contain SOYA. All of our products are made in an environment where NUTS, PEANUTS and SESAME SEEDS are present.

Dimensions: 223 x 95 x 150mm

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Tue Nov 26 17:20 2019

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Our Verdict

With the advent calendar market really taking off with lots of variety's to suit most peoples taste and give them something really different, nice and unique. We thought we'd try the Joe & Seph's popcorn advent calendar and really spoil ourselves with this gourmet calendar.

As shown in the product information above there is a great range of flavours to enjoy on the run up to the big day.

The product comes in an attractive box and will put a smile on the face of any popcorn fan. The box has a sleeve on it and once removed folds out to reveal a double sided calendar.
Each day opens to reveal some really tasty popcorn with a great aroma, why not enjoy it each day with a christmas movie.

Sometimes that extra special christmas can be made by adding those special details making it one to remember or even build upon. We found waking to such a lovely touch really added to that magic and although its more expensive than your basic calendar, you can even take it in turns with the family to allow all to experience that little something special.