Kikkerland Bartending Glasses Set Of 4

About the product:

Become a bartender in no time with this set of 4 glasses. Each glass features a different spirit and teaches you how to make four different cocktails.

- Make up to 16 unique drinks.
- Each glass holds 8oz / 273ml.

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Mon Dec 7 15:22 2020

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If like me you enjoy the odd tipple but lack the skills and consistency in making quality drinks for your friends to enjoy then this is a big problem solver. With a different drink measured on each side of the glass your days on forgetting ingredients and making inconsistent disasters are over. Now you can impress your friends with your fab drinks and even after you've enjoyed a few you still have the glasses measures to fall back on. Keep the party flowing or gift this to someone who needs drink making help, has built their own bar or you've never seen make a drink. Great fun.