Hotsmoked BBQ Hot Smoking Kit

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* Judges Choice Gift of the Year 2019 and Winner in two Gift of the Year 2019 categories * This BBQ Hot Smoking Kit is an ideal pack for you to experiment with the tastes and techniques of hot smoking on your charcoal or gas barbecue. Includes all you need plus plenty of guidance and recipes. Turn your bbq into a hot smoker.

  • Three bags of wood chips in oak, cherry & beech, approx 200g
  • Stainless steel smoker box and 50g jar of Spicy BBQ Rub
  • 24 pages of food smoking recipes
  • Supplied in kraft gift box with printed sleeve

Think you'd like to get into hot smoking but not ready to fork out on dedicated food smoking equipment? This is an ideal kit to experiment with the tastes and techniques of hot smoking on your charcoal or gas barbecue. The kit includes a stainless steel smoker box, a selection of three packs of different wood chip flavours, a jar of Spicy BBQ Rub 50g and our Hot Smoked Recipe Booklet with 24 pages of food smoking inspiration to get you started. Select a wood chip flavour to suit the food you wish to cook - we have provided oak, cherry and beech chips giving you a choice of strong to mild flavours, then add a handful into the smoker box which is then placed directly on your barbecue heat source to set the wood smouldering, creating aromatic wood smoke flavours which will infuse your food. The kit is best suited for use on a covered barbecue so that the smoke flavours are captured for longer.

Our Hot Smoked Recipe Booklet which comes with your kit also gives some advice on replicating the water bowl feature of many dedicated food smokers. This creates moisture which ensures foods remain juicy and succulent. The recipes include meats, fish, vegetables and even desserts. The smoker box is made of solid stainless steel and has a loose fitting lid. All our wood chips are totally natural and untreated woods, from sustainable FSC approved sources. The wood chips are packaged in clear cellophane bags which are recyclable. Supplied in kraft gift box measuring H5 x W24 x L38 cm

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Tue Dec 8 15:17 2020

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If dad is the king of the BBQ then what better gift to get him than his very own smoking kit. Beautifully packaged and well presented, it comes with all the kit you need to turn your lid covered BBQ into a smoke house eat out. Try a range of different woods to burn to get variants in flavour, the kit comes with instructions and a recipe book with lots of great ideas to blow your flavours of the chart.

The box contains a stainless steel box which you put the wood chips in, place this in your BBQ over the heat source and wait until the wood starts to smoke. The box contains a meat rub that you can put on your food preferably an hour before cooking. Add it to the BBQ with the smoker in and that’s it. You can also try some of the other recipes in the book for cheese, fish and veg.


This takes your BBQ to another level and gives you more options when creating the ultimate BBQ experience. Dads who love smoked food and love BBQ's will love this.