Baby Jogger City Mini

About the product:

The Baby Jogger City Mini Pushchair displays the new Baby Jogger logo and now has a more comfortable and easier to open and close harness. The SPF 50 hood canopy provides protection from the sun and can open to multiple positions. It has 2 peek-a-boo windows to help you keep an eye on your baby.

The Baby Jogger City Mini Pushchair has great manoeuvrability due to the swivel front wheel. This can be locked in a straight position when being agile is not so important. The wheels measure 8" and are quick release EVA wheels with sealed ball bearings.

Comfort for your baby is provided by the padded seat that reclines to a near flat position and has a vented top and retractable weather cover. Accessorising the Baby Jogger City Mini Pushchair is easy thanks to the universal accessory mounting bracket. A rounded handlebar gives comfort to you and front wheel suspension gives a smooth ride.

Other features of the Baby Jogger City Mini Pushchair include a seat back storage compartment, a large easy access under seat storage basket, an adjustable 5-point safety harness with shoulder pads and buckle cover, a rear parking brake and a removable auto-lock to keep your pushchair folded.

Suitable from birth up to 50lbs.

Specifications for Baby Jogger City Mini Pushchair:

Dimensions unfolded: H 105.5 x W 61 x L 100.5 cm

Dimensions folded: H 25 x W 61 x L 78.5 cm

Weight: 7.6 kg or 16.8 lbs

Manufacturers warranty for Baby Jogger City Mini Pushchair:

6 months manufacturers warranty on accessories

Lifetime manufacturers warranty on the frame, 1 year on textile or soft side materials (except inner tubes and tyres)

UK mainland only

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Sun Jun 2 11:00 2019

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Our Verdict

The stylish Baby Jogger City Mini Pushchair is incredibly light and very compact. A great choice for parents wanting a quick folding, space saving pushchair with all the features of a normal pushchair suitable for babies from 6 months - aprox 3 years.

Very easy to use and super quick to fold and unfold. I love how I can actually store this behind the front seats if need be leaving my boot space free.

The seat unit is spacious and comfy. I have tried my little one in various strollers and we have reviewed many and I have to say the baby Jogger City Mini is one of my top choices for my little one. The seating positions are great. One bug bear is that it is tricky to return the seat to upright positions one handed, however I can manage to recline the seat one handed and I love how I am not restricted to just a few reclines, thanks to the draw pull mechanism I can position the backrest to wherever I like.

The huge multi position hood is also one of the great selling points. Many strollers I have tried come with flimsy hoods that barely cover the child's head. However the City Mini comes with a huge hood that is strong & sturdy with UVA protection built in. When in full pull down position it pretty much totally covers the child's head and upper body area. It also comes with two parent view windows so no matter which position you have the hood in you can still see your child.

So ... baby / toddler is super comfy ... What about parents??

The handle is not the comfiest in the world, however it has great grip and is very durable. The shopping basket is really simple to use and provides ample space for a bag of shopping and a bit more. There is also a handy net pocket at the back of the backrest that provides a handy little space to store a light blanket and a few extras. It is lightweight, easy to fold and unfold and it really is a dream to steer. The break is super simple to use with just a push up or down on the pedal, it can be a bit hard on the toes if wearing delicate shoes or sandals.

So to summarise...

It is a shame it does not come with a raincover and the brake can be tricky in open toe or delicate shoes.


On the plus side (and believe me there are many) this stroller is ...

super comfy for baby and toddler

Very spacious

Fantastic big multi position hood with dual viewing windows

Ample shopping storage space

Great to steer

Lightweight and compact to store