Chicco Ohlala Stroller

About the product:

3.8 kg of comfort and style, with Chicco OhLaLa always in perfect shape!

Ohlala, surprisingly lightweight, incredibily sturdy ... so light weight that you can lift even with one finger!

Attractive and modern design, Chicco OhLaLa has been designed to ensure maximum comfort to both parents and the child.

Easy to lift, easy to drive and easy to move, OhLaLa is perfect for any mum.

Ultra-lightOnly 3.8 kg, so light that you can even lift with one finger!

Easy to useEquipped with combined handles, OhLaLa is easy to maneuver even using only one hand!

Compact and easy to handleIt closes quickly with one hand and can stand alone when closed

Suitable from birth, also ideal for small naps during walks

Comfortable for your baby Soft materials used in the seat, crotch and shoulder straps. Everything has been designed to offer maximum comfort for your child.

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Thu Feb 1 14:00 2018

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Our Verdict

I have to be honest and say that my first impressions of this were very mixed. On the one hand it's not the best looking stroller I have seen but the more I get to know it and use it the more the Chicco Ohlala Grows on me.

Starting from the very beginning the Ohlala practically comes ready assembled, simply click on the wheels and canopy and away you go. On the subject of the canopy, I really do like the hood on this, it has a very sturdy mechanism with a great stretchy lycra material. The hood also extends really far down giving your child fantastic protection from sun, wind, and rain. The fabrics are all wonderfully soft and very well padded providing a really comfortable ride, the seat is also a really good size and our little one looked really comfy and well placed in the seat. It also comes with a good and simple to use recline feature and lies flat for naps too. There's also a decent size shopping basket.

However, the best thing about this stroller is the way it really does fold very easily with just one hand. Not only does it fold easily but it's light enough to carry one handed and will even stand on it's own. So you can hold your child in one arm and simply fold, stand up or even carry the stroller in the other hand. This really is truly the easiest pushchair I have come across when it comes to folding and carrying.

So all that said in conclusion I have to confess it is a little "boxy" looking and not the prettiest and it is also only available in just the one silver colour. It's not the smallest when folded in comparison to umbrella style strollers and some of the more compact styles on the market. However, it is a very easy to use, practical and comfortable stroller with a very decent RRP.