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You never know when Mr. Buster’s gonna blow! Pull My Finger is the hilarious game that combines 2 things that make everyone laugh, Monkeys & Farts! Spin the banana spinner, pull the Monkey’s finger, and watch his butt inflate with each pull! How big will his butt get? How long can he hold it in? Avoid the Farts and win! For 2 or more players. Fun for the whole family.

Hilarious New Game for the whole Family!

Spin the Banana Spinner

Watch his butt inflate with Each Pull!

Avoid the Farts and Win!

2 or more players

Age Suitability: 4 years +


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Tue Dec 3 22:11 2019

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Pull my finger is actually a very simplistic game, super easy to set up out of the box and a really simple format to follow with no small pieces or parts to worry about.  You just spin the wheel to move around the board and where you land determines how many times you pull Mr Busters finger, pass or nominate another player.  Obviousley if Mr Buster "lets one go" on your turn, you loose.

The kids are totally in love with this game and giggle away like crazy the whole time they are playing and I have to confess to having a bit of fun playing it with them too.

Another plus point from an adults point of view is that there is no drama packing it away.  Simply put Mr Buster and the spin card back in his box and job done....

It's very well made, great fun, simple to set up and store and not a bad price too.