Twinkle the Magical Unicorn walk and flaps her wings!

About the product:

See Twinkle's horn light up in different colours at the wave of the magic wand!

Cast spells and see how Twinkle responds!

Enjoy sing-along songs, melodies and fun phrases as Fairy Luna interacts with Twinkle!

Features a soft, multi-coloured mane and tail!

Press the Twinkle’s heart button for more fun and interactive phrases!

MagicPoint™ location triggers more responses with lights, sounds and music!

Also includes mini unicorn character! 

For Ages 12mts - 5yrs

Product Dimensions Approx – 30.5 x 34.7 x 12.1cm

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Thu Nov 18 13:56 2021

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The Toot Toot range from VTech has been super popular for many years now and each year something new comes along to make it that bit better.  This gorgeous unicorn has so many functions that light up with sounds and movement, lots of interactivity with the included toot toot characters and magic colour wand kept the children busy playing for ages. Playability straight out if the box with no set up required.

As you would expect from VTech the set is very well made, durable and colourfull, sure to be a hit!