The Ultimate Coronation Celebrations Guide & Reviews May 6th 2023

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The kings corination 2023 ultimate party idea guide

In preperation for celebrations taking place up and down the Country we have been checking out some of the memorabilia, commemorate products and of course some great party foods & accessories....

But first of all check out the Royal Rendezvous: Tips to Help You Become The Ultimate Party Host For The King's Coronation

There’s nothing wrong with living for the weekends when your weekend plans are always on point. You know what they say... work hard, play harder.

What some people don’t realise, however, is that iconic weekend plans don’t always need to involve going out out. Why, when we can still get glammed up and enjoy immense vibes from the comfort of our own homes, avoiding expensive cocktails and busy bars?

Summer is right around the corner, which means endless opportunities to pour ourselves a drink in the sun and let our hair down. Where better to start than the King’s Coronation!

Hosting doesn’t have to be stressful, either. Here are our top tips to help you become the ultimate hostess.

Step one: Planning

First things first: decide the perfect date and time for your party. If you’re celebrating the King’s Coronation (any excuse for prosecco, right?), you can choose between May 6, May 7, or May 8. More information can be found Here

You could take things up a notch by creating traditional printed party invitations with pretty patterns and fancy font, but hey, we know time is precious. Creating a WhatsApp group with all the people you want to invite is just as good.

Next up in the planning stage is setting the right theme. As this is a royal occasion, it’s only right you set a royal theme! Decorate your house and garden wisely, pick games and activities specific to the occasion, and set a strict dress code.

For example, everyone should be encouraged to wear their most glamorous fits in the UK’s national colours (think red mini dresses, white playsuits, and blue co-ords).

Step two: Preparations

You want to be able to enjoy yourself at your own party, which means preparation beforehand is key. Here are a few things you’ll want to consider way ahead of the occasion:

Cleaning your home – Create a cleaning checklist to guarantee no job is forgotten about. Your list should include tasks such as cleaning the light fixtures, washing all glassware (especially important if you don’t plan on giving your guests plastic cups) and mowing the grass.

Shopping for food and drink – While it’s not uncommon to advise party guests to bring their own alcohol, a good host should still have some food and drink available. In advance of the big day, hit up your local supermarket for some beers, wine, soft drinks, BBQ food, and a few ‘picky bits’.

Rearranging the home or garden – Having multiple people in your home or garden means you need to be conscious about space. Is there ample seating? Enough room to dance? A table where food and drink can go?

Customised cocktails – Guests appreciate personal touches at parties because it makes them feel special and creates a more memorable event. Consider arranging a signature cocktail for each of your friends. ‘Gin-ger Spritz’ for your redhead pal; ‘The Rum Runner’ for the friend that loves running; ‘Bourbon Baker’ for the mate that works in a bakery. You get our drift.

As it’s a royal themed party, why not have a go at making some royal-themed cocktails? Rosé Royale with a dash of rosé wine; King’s Coconut Concoction with some Malibu and pineapple, or Coronation on the Beach using the classic vodka and peach schnapps. Let your imagination run wild.

Music playlist – Conversations should be flowing just as much as the prosecco, but good music is still a must.

Create the best playlist by knowing who your audience is (consider the age and tastes of the party attendees) and thinking about the type of atmosphere you want to create.

Playing tunes by Ariana Grande and Beyonce will create sassy and empowering vibes, for example, whereas Avicii and David Guetta will set an energetic and upbeat atmosphere.

Step three: Hosting

Now comes the most important part... Successfully becoming the ‘hostess with the mostest.’

Make sure you’re available to welcome each person and group as they arrive at the party; show them where to put their stuff, point out where the toilet is, and introduce them to other guests.

Things might feel a little awkward at first, especially if you’re merging multiple friendship groups, but after a few cocktails and a couple of shots, people will soon warm up.

As the atmosphere begins to build, consider kicking off any games or activities you have planned. Be careful not to be too forceful with it (some people just want to chill and enjoy the vibes!), but let guests know they’re welcome to get involved with whatever you’ve got lined up.

Treating your guests to a BBQ feast in the summer sunshine? If you can’t give the responsibility to someone else completely (avoid smoke-smelling hair at all costs), here are a few tips to ensure you (wo)man the grill like an expert while still being the best host:

Prep, prep, prep: Before the party starts, make sure you have everything you need for the BBQ in one place, including utensils, charcoal, lighter fluid, and any seasonings or sauces.

Create a designated area: Make sure the grilling will be taking place away from other party activities. Not only is this safer for you and your guests, but it’ll also ensure you don’t get distracted and leave the sausages sizzling for too long.

Ask for help: Don't be afraid to dish out tasks to guests or family members. For example, one friend could help with prepping the food, while another could assist with serving. Teamwork makes the BBQ work.

Cook in batches: If you have a lot of food to cook, consider cooking in batches to free up some time to socialise and enjoy yourself.

The most important step:

Have Fun!

Being a good host doesn’t have to mean sacrificing your own fun and memories. Sure, it can feel a little stressful at times, and you might experience some pressure in the build-up, but it will all work out in the end.

A little bit of prep goes a long, long way. Follow our guide, and there’s no reason why you can’t host a party fit for a King while still having a royally great time yourself. Good luck!

Great Coronation Memoribilia, Collectables and Party Must Haves

Check Out Some of The Great Coronation Memoribilia, Collectables and Party Must Haves We Have Been Taking A Look At

Limited-Edition London-Inspired London Dry Gin Hand Gift Wrap


Introducing our limited-edition London-inspired London Dry Gin Hand Gift Wrap created to coincide with the King’s Coronation this year.

The commissioned artwork by up-and-coming London artist, Rose England features London-iconic landmarks such as Big Ben, the black taxi, phone box, street lamp, street sign and, with a nod to our London Dry Gin, a perfect cocktail.

Hayman’s London Inspired Hand Gift Wrap is available exclusively here online and in Waitrose stores.

As the original London gin, it felt fun and appropriate to create a giftable version of our London Dry Gin around the Coronation and also celebrate this incredible city we call home.

Miranda Hayman

Hayman’s multi-award winning London Dry Gin is the benchmark in London Dry Gin. Crisp and complex with refreshing notes of juniper, subtle exotic spice and a lively citrus finish, Hayman’s London Dry gin is distilled today using the original family recipe from 1863.


If you are planning on raising a glass to the Newly crowned King Haymans Gin is a lovely crisp tasting Gin coupled with your favorite mixer and the lovely London inspired gift wrap make this a great gift idea too.

RRP £24

Available from Waitrose or

Coronation Pinata Cake from

Coronation Pinata Cake from


A Coronation Sponge fit for a royal celebration! Four layers of delicious chocolate sponge are separated with chocolate buttercream layers. Inside you will find a patriotic surprise of red, white, and blue smarties, and edible golden crowns. Perfect for celebrating the coronation of King Charles III with friends and family.

You can create a personalised Coronation Chocolate Pinata Cake by adding candles, cards, more Union Jack Flags, or even a bottle of prosecco to your cake order! As soon as you pop your sponge into your basket these options will become available.

We have created a great range of coronation cakes to help you celebrate either as part of a street party or a small celebration with your family. There is something for every sized event, from our Coronation Baby Sponges available in a variety of pack sizes to our Coronation Topped cakes and more.

We deliver our coronation cakes all over the UK, with next-day delivery if you order before 3pm. You can send a yummy cake right to their door to celebrate the coronation of King Charles III, a perfect surprise if you aren't able to see them on this special occasion. You can even send someone a coronation cake in the post to them, just to let them know you are thinking about them. You can select the ideal delivery date for this special occasion, we do suggest choosing the delivery date the day before to account for any unforeseen circumstances with delivery.


These are cakes are without a doubt delicious. They arrived in the post perfectly packaged with a good few weeks shelf life. They really do taste absolutley devine. We expected then to possibly taste a little dry due to how long they needed to last but even after sitting in the cupboard for a week they still tasted like they had just been freshly baked. Really impressed with these and the personalisation additions are a great feature too.


Available from

Bird & Blend A Royal Brew-Billee Tea - The Crown

Bird & Blend A Royal Brew-Billee Tea - The Crown


We were thrilled to work on a custom tea for the launch party of Home Entertainment's release of The Crown Season 4 on Blu-ray and DVD.

This black tea blend was inspired by the 1977 street parties, with all the scrumptious flavours of a lavish afternoon tea, this royally good brew will have you feeling ready to sit on a throne! Tasting like tea and cake, this blend is the perfect way to treat yourself.


We do love Bird & Blend tea and they really do make some delicious tea for special occassions and events. This gorgeous tasting tea fits the bill perfectly to celebrate the Coronation in classic Brit style with a good old cuppa tea.

Check out Bird & Blend online to not only purchase a delightful selection of teas but also great instructions to make the perfect cup of tea and other great tea related top tips....

RRP £8.05

Available from

uploaded picture

Thermos Coronation Direct Drink Flask


In celebration of the Coronation of His Majesty King Charles III and our own heritage, we have created The Coronation, a limited edition Superlight Direct Drink Flask with a salute to this landmark event and the monarchy. This regally themed commemorative print will incorporate the key symbols of; St. Edward’s Crown, the Sovereign Orb, Sovereign Sceptre and the Union Jack.Perfect for the daily commute or your weekend adventures, our 470ml direct drink flask is our most portable yet! Created with the Thermos® quality and performance you can rely on and with a 5 year guarantee, this flask is a style staple.Thermos vacuum insulation technology for maximum temperature retentionSuper light construction for incredible portabilityDurable stainless steel interior and exteriorCool to the touch with hot liquid, sweat-proof with coldCapacity 470mlWeight 0.21kgLxWxH 7x6.5x21.8cm


We adore this gorgeous Coronation mini flask.... Yes it would be perfect for the kids, but quite frankly we love it too much to let them have it :-). This really is the perfect way to keep your celebratory tipple hot or cold. Thermos have over 100 years of experience producing top quality drink flasks and this one really dosn't disappoint. From a practical point of view it will keep your drink hot for a whoppoing big 10hrs and cold for an amazing 24hrs!!! To add to that we love the cool touch outer and the brilliant shaped drinking spout to help minimise spills and make it super easy to drink from.We love the limited edition coronation print too and super silky soft texture really do give this a luxurious feel.

RRP £28

Available from

Celebrate the Kings Coronation with Lindt

Celebrate the Kings Coronation with Lindt


Discover the classic LINDOR Milk Chocolate Truffles. Since 1845, the Lindt Master Chocolatiers have combined their expertise with the highest quality ingredients from around the world to produce the finest chocolates.

To celebrate the Coronation of His Majesty, the King, Lindt has treated its most iconic, irresistibly smooth Lindt Milk Chocolate truffles to a Limited-edition Union Jack designed box. Inside this commemorative box lies luxuriously smooth and delicate Swiss milk chocolate shells, hiding irresistibly creamy, melt-in-the-mouth, centres perfect for treating yourself, or your loved ones.

Experience bliss with Lindt. A commemorative and exclusive Lindt Pick & Mix tin is also available at the Lindt Chocolate Shop. Visit Lindt today and get the ideal souvenir for this significant occasion. A moment to share.


I honestly think Lindt are actuallu up their with our favorite chocolates here at Shropshire Mums, so if you ever want to send us a treat... these are the way to go :-)

The iconic Lindt chocolates would go down great to share with guests at you r coronation party, although personally we think you should keep them for yourself and snuggle onthe sofa watching the coronation concert with them!! We are happy tp keep this special coronation box as memorabilia, however the contents will be eaten very quickly!!

RRP £6

Available from

Swizzels Kings Coronation Gift Set

Swizzels Kings Coronation Gift Set


Celebrate the King's Coronation with our celebratory gift box.

Inside are 5 rolls of "Royal Blue" Love Hearts and a historic Swizzels Coronation coin, both of which have been produced just for this special occasion.


This is a beautiful little keepsake gift to give to the kids or pack away in your treasure box. You can't beat a mini pack of Swzzels Love Heart sweets to gift as little treats and these special mini packs all come with limited edition Coronation sleeves along with A beautifully made coronation commemorate heavy coin with the Love Hearts logo on the back. All contained in a lovely well made and beautifully presented cornation gift box. Be quick these are sure to sell out fast.

RRP £5.99

Available from

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