Top Royal Drink Recipes To Toast The Queen's Platinum Jubilee

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Sunshine, two bank holidays and Queen Elizabeth II’s Platinum Jubilee is a recipe for celebration! If you’re looking to raise a glass to Queen Elizabeth on her Platinum Jubilee, The Ice Co. has you covered with a royal line-up of Jubilee inspired drinks to help you begin the festivities. 

A deliciously refreshing and fruity cocktail pitcher – the perfect fit to celebrate Her Majesty!



•   2 handfuls of Party Ice

•   4 measures of Pimm’s No.1

•   2 measures of sparking white wine

•   500ml of pink lemonade

•   1 handful of sliced strawberries

•   1 sliced orange

•   ½ sliced cucumber 

•   1 mint sprig 


•   Put two handful of Party Ice, and all of the sliced fruit into a large sharing jug. 

•   Add the Pimm’s, sparking white wine, and lemonade.

•   Stir the cocktail mixture well, garnish with the mint sprig, and serve! 


Why not give this famous British summertime cocktail a royal twist!


•   4 handfuls of Party Ice

•   3 measures of Passoa

•   2 measures of vanilla vodka

•   2 measures of sugar syrup

•   ¾ measures of pineapple juice

•   ¼ bottle of prosecco 

•   2 passionfruit halves 


•   Put all of the Party Ice, Passoa, vanilla vodka and sugar syrup into a large sharing jug. 

•   Pour in the pineapple juice until it’s ¾’s of the way full, then add the prosecco.

•   Stir the cocktail mixture well, garnish with the passionfruit halves, and serve! 


Using one of the Queen’s favourite fruits, this grapefruit cocktail can’t get any easier to make. Made with nothing more than vodka, prosecco, and grapefruit juice, it’s a tart and refreshing beverage. 


•   2 Super Cubes

•   1 handful of Party Ice

•   50ml of vodka

•   75ml of grapefruit juice

•   25ml of prosecco

•   Garnish with a grapefruit slice 


•   Add the Party Ice, vodka and grapefruit juice to a jug and stir well. 

•   Top up with the prosecco. 

•   Pour into a glass over one Super Cube, and garnish with a grapefruit slice


Are you searching for a non-alcoholic beverage, or sweet treat to enjoy during the Platinum Jubilee celebrations? Well, this quintessentially British freak shake is perfect for the occasion. 


•   2 handfuls of Party Ice

•   3 handfuls of strawberries

•   2 handful of raspberries

•   1 cup of milk 

•   1 can of whipped cream

•   2 mini meringues 

•   2 mini Battenburg slices


•   Add the Party Ice, milk, raspberries and two handfuls of strawberries (keep one handful for garnishing) to a blender. 

•   Pour the blended milkshake into a glass and top with whipped cream. 

•   Thread the rest of your strawberries, mini Battenburg slices, and mini meringues onto a bamboo or cocktail stick to garnish and serve! 

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