Barking Heads Pet Food & Treats

About the product:

Barking Heads are a small team of passionate pet owners, potty about their pooches.

The Barking Heads Brand aim to bring you:

Clean & Natural Doggie Dinners 

High In Quality Meat & Veg

No Fillers or Nasty Ingredients

Tail Waggingly Tasty

Top Noth Ingredients

Packed with vitamins & Minerals

Barking heads supply a range of cat & dog foods to suit all ages and available in both wet and dry recipes with a range of pet tasty treats.

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Thu Oct 8 14:22 2020

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Our Verdict

The Barking heads doggy treats come beautifully packed in re-sealable bags to keep the contents fresh for longer.  Lovely appealing names such as Chicken Champs and apple snaffles.

Whilst we confess we didn't actually taste these ourselves for obvious reasons, they do smell lovely and its great to know they are packed full of good stuff for our pets.

Dogs seemed to absolutely love them and these are perfect for pet treat days and stocking fillers.

The entire Barking Heads range is also available to be delivered direct to your door so no need to be hunting it down in the local supermarkets.