GameSir X2 Bluetooth Mobile Gaming Controller

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One click screen shot, GameSir X2 has a screenshot button, gamers can keep the best game moments.

Esport class thumbstick, GameSir X2 is equipped with esport class joysticks, comparable to professional-level controllers.

Outstanding cloud gaming experience on phones, The emergence of cloud gaming may be a sign of a change in future games, and GameSir X2 is ready for this. GameSir X2 is now compatible with most cloud games and can bring an outstanding experience.

500Mah long life battery for long-time gaming, GameSir X2 Bluetooth has a powerful 500Mah long life battery which will give you long-time nonstop gaming.

Soft rubber grips and ergonomically fits the hand, It has soft rubber grips that will provide handheld comfortable feelings and it will ergonomically fit on the hand and give you the right comfort while playing.

Quick action micro mechanical buttons, GameSir X2 is determined to become the most trusted partner of players in the game, so we have worked hard on quality and improving the users using experience. For example, the micro switch buttons with a service life 3 million times.

Supports phones up to 173mm in length, Smartphones are getting bigger to keep pace with the time and add more technology. For this reason, we've made the gamepad which supports phones up to 173mm in length.

Best gamepad for android and ios both platforms, Following on from the success of the GameSir X2 Type-C mobile gaming controller which was designed to give users an outstanding cloud gaming experience, GameSir has updated the X2 to give and bring this innovative mobile gaming experience to everyone. Now equipped with Bluetooth, the X2 Bluetooth version supports both Ios and Android devices.

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Sun Nov 7 13:32 2021

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The updated GameSir X2 Bluetooth is the latest in its series and is now compatible with IOS devices, the old USB Type-C GameSir X2 was only compatible with Android devices and the addition of Bluetooth now means no wires and more fun for both platforms.

The device itself is lightweight, compact as it slides open, feels nice with its comfortable grips and the thumb sticks and buttons all work great and feel positive. It will fit phones up to 173mm in length, so remember to check the size of your phone before ordering.

It's not hard to get setup and running, some of the features are cool, like the quick photo button so you can screen grab and save those cool moments or scoreboard hero points. When cloud gaming it brings your device to life in the palm of your hand and makes it feel comfortable and natural way to play, very much like playing a switch or the like.

Out the box, the GameSir X2 Bluetooth comes with some large thumb stick pads which clip on should you want small or large. We thought that this showed the attention to details that had gone into this product and that the designers really had gamers in mind.

If you’re a serious phone gamer and want it all, this turns a boring phone into a hand held console monster. Just make sure your phone is good and won't let you down.