Safeguard RF4.1 Cordless Security Light – Black

About the product:

Outdoor Security Light

  • Safety light & night deterrent for burglars
  • No wiring, easy installation, wall or ceiling mount
  • 2 light modes: automatic detection or permanently on
  • Full adjustable light directions
  • Waterproof

  • LEDWhite
  • SensorMotion sensor
  • Operating modesMotion sensor / On (constant on) / Off
  • Sensor detection rangeUp to 8-meter
  • forward (110 degrees)
  • IP gradeIP55 Waterproof
  • Dimension (mm)L 194.8 x W 113.5 x H 128.6 mm
  • Battery life time (alkaline)Up to 300 days, based on 5 operations per day in Auto Mode
  • Powered by3 x AA batteries

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Mon Apr 1 12:00 2019

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A very practicle and easy DIY solution to your outdoor lighting needs. The cost of electrical fitting of mains power lighting outside the house can be expensive and time consuming. This battery powered PIR light can be fitted extremly quickly with limited DIY skills and tools. It can be fitted to wood with just a screw driver or a wall with a drill and masonary bit. Find your location, remember to check for any gas, water or electrical cable etc before drilling or screwing. Place the back plate against it location and mark with a pencil, drill or screw the backplate and fix to the wall. Insert the batteries and place on the backplate, done. It has two modes, sensor or permanently on and upto 300 days standby according to the manufacturer. GP also have solar versions available so you can even opt to go battery free. A great practical product that makes outdoor lighting easy.