Science Mad Digital Metal Detector

About the product:

Go on the hunt to find the coins, metal objects and lost treasures buried under your feet!

Lots of treasure-hunting adventures ahead!

Any metal object is treasure to young explorers starting out in metal detecting! You'll be able to carefully search in your garden, the woods, parks and beaches, just waiting for the signs that your detector has found something special! This metal detector will beep and LED lights will flash, speed up and change colour to alert you that a metal object is close by. It could be old or lost coins, jewellery that has been accidentally dropped, or a host of other possibilities.

Controls are provided to change both the sensitivity and sound volume of the detector. The child-friendly length and light-weight design make this a perfect choice for young detectorists. Metal detecting can be an exciting hobby, helping to develop a child's exploratory skills, curiosity and patience.

Lightweight and easy to handle

LED lights change colour and audio alerts young explorers to a 'find'

Adjustable sensitivity and volume controls


Some simple assembly is required

1 x Main metal detector shaft

1 x Handle

1 x Double detector search coil

Instruction manual

Age: 6 years+

Batteries: 1 x 9V (not included)

Warning: N/A

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Sun Oct 3 14:59 2021

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Our Verdict

What better way to get the kids outdoors than hunting for treasure!!

This great little metal detector is lightweight and super easy to use.  Super easy to use and the kids find it really exciting as the beeping gets faster and faster detecting they have found something (most of the time a piece of old junk). Considering it is a toy made for children it works really well, its well made and if we are honest, I think we had just as much fun as the kids with this. Really well priced too.

If you want to get the kids back outdoors this is definitely a good way to do it.