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With the Nextbase 112, we package 720p HD recording capabilities, a 2.0" LED colour screen, a 5-element glass lens and a 120-degree viewing angle into just 360g of Dash Cam. Combined with the magnetic Click & Go mount, the 112 is as light and compact as it is easy to use, ensuring you can be recording your next journey just minutes after opening the box.

  • Magnetic Click & Go mount
  • 720p HD recording at 30fps
  • 2.0" LED colour screen
  • 5-element glass lens provides 120-degree wide angle
  • Photo mode provides still image option
  • Loop-recording ensures recording will not stop when SD card is full
  • Weighs just 360g
  • Inbuilt backup battery provides power for up to 30 minutes in event of accident
  • 12-24Vdc compatible for use in all vehicles
  • One-time installation
  • Automatic recording
  • Automatic file protection
  • Endorsed by AA

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Mon Apr 1 0:00 2019

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I've reviewed a few dash cams now and I have to say that you have to go along way to beat a good quality one. My first was bought from a garage forecourt and was a mere £14.99, I got home plugged it in, set it up and went for a drive. I got home and took the card out, loaded the file and realised that the image was poor and the sound had a constant whistle from some sort of interference / low quality parts. The reality of my first rush purchase hit me. Since then I've been lucky to get my hands on some of the top of the range ones and the whole experience has changed.

The Nextbase dash cam 112 is as far as branded quality manufacturers go the starting line in the range. Don't let this fool you though with its smaller price tag as it really does perform as it should yet won't break the bank. It's Wide angle lens, night vision, 720p recording, impact sensor and parking mode are all what you need in a dash cam. In a world of increased traffic and more aggressive motorists, this device is becoming a must. More and more people are turning to recording their journeys for various reasons. Some of the useful occasions I've found useful are for things like, I had a lorry drop a brick through my screen, people getting angry for no reason and being threatening, dangerous driving by others and also protecting my car at the supermarket.

The 112 is simple to use and setup, has all the features you need to start and would be great for using front or rear facing. The impact sensor is triggered if a large bump is felt and the camera then makes sure that the moment in question is recorded as clear as possible given the circumstances. The parking mode works by movement, sound and through the bump sensor. It has quality parts which make the recording quality excellent in its price range and the sound is also nice and clear. It's small compact size also means it won't fill your field of vision and can be hidden out the way.

This camera will make a great present to any conscientious motorist and this Christmas you can pick it up on special offer from just £39.99 in Currys.