INTERACTION The Party Game for Family and Friends!

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The Party Game for Family and Friends!

In this interactive and totally crazy party game for the whole family and friends. No matter if you‘re a brainiac or an athlete, old or young, INTERACTION puts all your senses and talents to the test.Only those who are best at each category – knowledge, creativity, action, social and games – can be the lucky winner at the end.

More excitement!

A game made especially for you!

The app automatically adjusts the questions and tasks to the location and age of each player. This means an eight-year old gets different tasks than a ten-year old or adult. There is even customized game content for grandparents.

More challenge!

All senses and talents are challenged!

The game has five categories: knowledge, creativity, sports, social and games. There are over 25 mini-games to challenge all the senses and talents. Every player has the chance to prove their abilities.

More fun!

Boredom is a thing of the past!

Regular and free updates make INTERACTION better and better. In addition to small improvements, the monthly updates also bring new questions, tasks and mini-games. There is always something new to discover.

Unpack and start playing immediatley!

Family unpack and play party game Interaction

Open the game box, download the app and start playing!

No need to read long instructions for INTERACTION – the app introduces you to the game step by step. If you still need help, you can find helpful tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

We answer your questions!

Our free WhatsApp Support will gladly help you with any questions and problems related to INTERACTION. We are also available in the evening and on weekends. This way, nothing can stop you from having a fun game night with family and friends.

The base game and only one smart device (not included) is required for play. You will need a free “Rudy Games” account as well. While playing internet connection is not mandatory but some features and app updates you need to be online.

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Thu Nov 28 21:25 2019

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Our Verdict

This is a modern take on the traditional board game with the addition of interaction via a smart device App. The game is designed to play along to the age of the players and content is provided based on that information from ages 8+.

The basic principle of the game are that you get given some action cards and nasty cards at the start, these can help make your or another players action turn easier or harder. You then move your player token around the outside of the board on your turn using a dice. When you move you land on an interaction spot which dictates what action you will perform. At this point you can use cards to make it easier or other players can add nasty cards to make it harder. You enter the details into the App which then gives you a challenge to complete in a set period of time. If you complete the task, in the middle of the board you have a matching token to move following the lines which records your score of sorts. Content is updated every so often and differs slightly depending on your age, expansion packs are also available to change how the game works slightly which might make this game have a little more longevity should you like it.

The company’s website talks about a YouTube channel full of video help, however the company is based in Austria and 99% of the videos appear to be in German. They also offer a WhatsApp help telephone number which is handy should you get stuck, I did give it a try and although I did not get an instant response, within 30 minutes they had got back to me even though it was 9.30pm in Austria. I feel the WhatsApp service should be 24/7 and answered within 5 - 10 minutes if offered, otherwise in the time you are waiting it may get shelved and put back in the box. The YouTube issue is a big problem too, if you are not getting how the game works then there is little help there and with it being a new game there are not many blogger videos to choose from either.

Before you start you will need to download the App to a compatible smart device, create an account (they do ask for a lot of details considering you are playing a board game), then find the activation card in the play pack and enter the details. After this you enter more player details setup the board distribute cards and finally you are ready to go. I would suggest if you are planning this for friends or children that you setup prior to sitting down to play to avoid spoiling the atmosphere of a game.

Overall game play is ok and the use of the App means the game is more interactive than traditional board games, some of the add on packs look interesting and this game at the price isn't too bad. The setup and registration seems to be a bit privacy overkill compared to a normal board game and no App means no game, so remember this before purchase. The score progression in the middle just seems pointless when you’re using an app to control the game and with only three colour tokens team play rather than individual play soon steps in.

The idea has potential but the execution is slightly off the mark.