Robo Dash Robotic Dog From Silverlit

About the product:

Robo Dash Dog is the friendliest interactive canine companion you’ll find anywhere! With LED blue eyes that flash at you the more you pet him, and with a stretching distance of up to 45cm, this little fella is destined to bring hours of joy to kids and big kids alike!

Needing simply 5 AA and 2 AAA batteries to function, Robo Dash will respond to hand signals, play fetch with you, wiggle his body, chase his tail, and more! He uses a motion sensor to follow you around, or he can follow the signal in the remote controller. Speaking of the controller, it doubles as a ball that Robo Dash can chase!

This is the ideal addition to any home that can’t yet welcome real-life pets, so why not get Robo to keep your kids entertained for hours on end?

Robo Dash Dog promises to bring hours of joy to any family with his tricks, beautiful LED eyes and companionship. Get yours today!

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Mon Nov 11 11:24 2019

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Every year without fail a new childs robotic pet appears on the most wanted kids Christmas list and this year is no different. The difference each year is that the technology in these toys get better and better. So much easier to look after than a real dog and he promises not to poop on your floor!!!

Robo Dash is one cool little dog!! We love the gesture control feature making this feel more realistic. Great features and moves around easily avoiding objects, we could play with this for hours.

We love how his body grows when you pat his head and he reacts to your movements and gestures. A fantastic easy to look after pet for your child to look after and nurture.