Kally Sleep Baby Nest

About the product:

The Kally Baby Nest is our best-selling baby cocoon designed by experts to keep your baby secure and comfortable while resting, practicing tummy time and during nappy changes. Made using extra-soft 100% hypoallergenic cotton, and featuring a removable and re-washable cover and an open-close mechanism, the Kally Baby Nest is the perfect accessory for you and your newborn.

  • Ideal for babies 0-8 months
  • Premium quilted 100% hypoallergenic cotton
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Multi-functional use
  • Machine washable
  • Open-close mechanism
  • Adjustable design
  • 2 year guarantee

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Tue Jan 28 10:00 2020

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Our Verdict

Here's what our latest member of our review panel Angela thought...

First impressions of this product were very positive. The Baby Nest was presented inside a case with a zip which is ideal for putting away when not in use and transportation.

The product is of good quality with removable covers making it easy to wash. It is lightweight and very soft. Included is a little pillow and blanket.

The Baby Nest has been suitable for my baby from birth and now at six months is still using it. There was a period of around two months where they were not able to use the product due to suffering from reflux. The Baby Nest does not have a firm base therefore there was no way of safely being able to prop it up.

The product is cold to the touch therefore I line it with a warm blanket and is then very cosy.

Due to the product being lightweight and easily portable with the carry case, it has been ideal to take when visiting family and friends. 

Although a very good product I do feel that it is priced too high, however would still recommend it.