Gifts For The Kids Christmas 2021

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Gifts For The Kids Christmas 2021

What's at the top of your childs list for Santa this Christmas? Take a look below at some of the lovely wonderful gift ideas for kids we have been taking a look at this festive season from beautiful unique, personalised gifts to the brand names we all know and love.

(Products may have been received free of charge in exchange for our honest unbiased opinion).

Gingersnap Bobbins Balance Bank RRP £144

Oh these little balance bikes really are an overload of super cuteness. We just love the traditional styling of these with the lovely little wicker basket, contracting leather seat and handlebars and the lovely cream coloured wheels they just instantly make me think of ice cream carts and summer fun!!!

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VTECH Glitter Me Kitty RRP £38.99

Glitter Me Kitty is like a super cute much bigger, softer and cuddly modern day version of a tamagochi. Kids just love an interactive pet and this one dosn't disappoint. The super cute fur is so soft to snuggle and the big eyes give this little kitty the cutest look.

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VTECH Twinkle The Magical Unicorn RRP £41.99

The Toot Toot range from VTech has been super popular for many years now and each year something new comes along to make it that bit better. This gorgeous unicorn has so many functions that light up with sounds and movement, lots of interactivity with the included toot toot characters and magic colour wand kept the children busy playing for ages. Playability straight out if the box with no set up required.

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Sylvanian Family Picnic Van RRP £29.99

Sylvanian Familys have been a favourite of little girls for more years than I care to remember. The furry little characters and tiny little accessories provide hours of endless role playing fun. The family picnic van is a fantastic little addition to the Sylvanian Family sets. As always, well built and great quality with lovely attention to detail in the finishing touches such as the open door handles, converting back door to a picnic table, even child car seats and so much more.

A beautiful little car that little ones will really enjoy travelling their little characters around in.

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Casdon Toy Pick N Mix Sweetie Shop RRP £12

Little Shoppers can choose their very own ‘Pick & Mix’ sweets – or become the shopkeeper to serve their friends! There’s a display counter incorporating an opening cash drawer and working scales to weigh the goodies, plus 2 x sweet jars, scoop, coins and bank notes. There’s also a large selection of favourite sweets and lollipops included with the toy. Great for role play and also for learning early counting and weighing skills – just like a real shopkeeper! No batteries required. Suitable for ages 3+.

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Disney Princess Aquabeads Creation Cube RRP £29.99

Aquabeads are a fantastic craft for children and great fun for the family to get involved in. So simple with no glue or scissors required. The kids love getting creative with these and the templates in this Disney set make it really simple for kids to create their favourite Disney characters. Just a squirt of water to set the beads makes them so easy to create. The storage box this set comes in makes it all so much easy to pack away and easier to add additional supplies to should you wish.

All in all a great crafting set that is super easy for the kids to just get on with by themselves with minimal adult help required.

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Paw Patrol Ryders Alphabet Pad RRP £18.99

Paw Patrol has to be one of the best loved kids cartoons with one of the catchiest theme tunes out there. I have yet to meet a toddler who dosen't love Paw Patrol. The great thing about this pad is how it makes learning so much fun for little ones that they don't even realise they are learning.

The alphabet pad is very well made and small enough to be able to take along in car journies, to grandma's house etc and provides a great fun learning experience with your childs favourite recognisable characters to provide encouragement along the way.

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Spike The Fine Motor Hedgehog Fidget Friend RRP £14

Fidget toys seem to everywhere you look at the moment and whilst some may say they don't see the appeal they can be a great sensory, calming activity for children and why shouldn't toddlers get in on the action too. Afterall, when you think about toddlers toys, many of them are very much based around the "fidget sensory" theme!

Spike is a super cute little hedgehog that's neat and compact enough to fit on a high chair table and even fit onside your changing bag for travel. However he is also packed with great little fidget activities to keep toddlers entertained for ages.

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Paddington's Learning Suitcase £20.99

We can't tell you how excited we were to see Paddington make a comeback a few years ago and its lovely to see Paddington's famous suitcase be used as the focus for this fantastic electronic learning tablet for kids. Really well made and robust this kept the little ones entertained (and educated) for ages. Another great gadgets that teaches children basic understanding of the fundamental colours, numbers, shapes & letters in a great fun and interactive way.

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Peppa's Phonic Alphabet & Counting With Peppa

The kids absolutely love Peppa Pig and these are definitely going to be a massive hot again this year. Both phonic alphabet and count with Peppa are very well made and sturdy as you would expect. The children loved inserting the play pieces and playing along with the familiar voice of Peppa whilst learning the alphabet and numbers. The pieces are a great size for little ones to grab hold off and the actual Peppa's themselves are a great size to carry around.

Another set of fantastic learning games from the nations most loved Pig!!

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Top Trumps 2021

The ultimate stocking filler this Christmas, such a simplistic product that kids love, can help aid education and learning, a range with something to suit pretty much everyone of all ages from juniors to adults including from all the latest current trends such as Minecraft, Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, Peppa Pig, James Bond and so much more.

A great engaging game for all the family to get involved with and perfect to pop in the pocket and take around to family and challenge them too.

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The Christmas Eve Box from Orchard Toys RRP £13.25

Fantastic festive family from Orchard toys. We love this fro the run up to Christmas and it also makes a great entrance from the elves if they visit your house prior to Christmas. As with many Orchard games they are simplistic, easy to play and great fun for the whole family. The simple "snap type" game play makes it easy for even the youngest members of the family to play and why not bust open the quality street with a treat for the winner of each round!!! We love how not only do you get a game but also a jigsaw puzzle, perfect for your little ones to have a go at on there own and to keep them quiet for a while.

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Spy X Range from Trends UK

A fantastic range of products for the budding little spy out there, just watch out as parents.... they are watching and listening to our every move!!!

The Spy X range gives you a really well made and well thought out set of products with something to suit pretty much any budget. We found all of the devices to function far better than expected for a play kit and whilst the listening device does loose range after about 5 feet, we feel this is an acceptable distance and the kids didn't seem to mind.

We actually found ourselves playing with these gadgets too and the kids loved securing their rooms with real laser movement detector alarms that really do work.

There is a great range to choose from with products starting from just £10.49, we recommend you check out the range on the link below and take a look at the whole range of Spy X products.

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Science Mad Digital Metal Detector RRP £23.99

What better way to get the kids outdoors than hunting for treasure!!

This great little metal detector is lightweight and super easy to use. Super easy to use and the kids find it really exciting as the beeping gets faster and faster detecting they have found something (most of the time a piece of old junk). Considering it is a toy made for children it works really well, its well made and if we are honest, I think we had just as much fun as the kids with this. Really well priced too.

If you want to get the kids back outdoors this is definitely a good way to do it.

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Science Mad 5-in-1 Weather Station RRP £17.99

Its great to see Science is now super cool again with kids and there are so many amazing kits available now. The Weather Station kit from Science Mad will give your child plenty of amusement.

The kit is super easy to put together and can be done by your child with ease. All you need to do then is find a suitable spot in the garden to begin taking recordings of wind, rain and temperature. Ideally it needs to be placed up above the ground in order to be able to record more accurate wind speeds although it will work fine on the ground but just may take a little stronger wind to spin the anemometer (the wind cup things to you and I).

A great fun little piece of kit for any budding little scientist to learn how to record weather trends.

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